Mission and Vision

Global Vision

Global Ed Execs (GEE) is a California Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping educators and administrators infuse global, cultural, and linguistic capital and development within their organizations through the provision of Global Consultation, Global Experiences, and Global Media to advance organizational performance in a 21st-century economy.

Who we are

We are a conglomerate of professional education practitioners who are daily immersed in the practical realities of leading educational organizations and improving student outcomes.  We are not absent from the practitioner side of this work because we engage in real struggles and triumphs in education with utmost consistency.  As a conglomerate, we use our knowledge and skills, expertise, and organizational leadership to help your organization develop to its potential.

Why we do it

We exist to be a catalyst for schools to internationalize and collaborate globally, which will lead to improved outcomes, the furtherance of educational and economic opportunities and produce equitable opportunities for all students to become engaged global citizens.

Global Consultation

GEE consultants can provide a range of K-12, Higher Education, and Health Education consultative services that get to the heart of organizational transformation that aligns with 21st-century standards and skills.  GEE can provide evaluations for organizational improvement and innovation, which explores the knowledge, motivation, and organizational factors that impede organizations from achieving their optimal performance.

Global Ed Execs understand that health and education are inseparable. We will work with participating schools not only on education plans for its students but overall health as well. We will help schools implement basic health and dietary education for its students. We will also work to team up with manufacturers and other health organizations to provide life-saving vaccines to students, faculty, and other members of its community.

Global Experiences

GEE is continually exploring and developing experiences for teachers, students, classrooms, and schools to become engaged as global citizens. In addition to summer camp, field trips, GEE is partnering with Global Classroom for classroom-to-classroom online virtual exchange partnerships.

GEE global classroom is an online platform that connects K-12 schools through a virtual exchange that enables collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking aligned with common core content standards, literacy standards, sustainable development goals, and the resolution of wicked problems.

Global Media

GEE will provide consistent forms of media to illuminate readers and listeners to current topics in global education or related topics.

Forms of media through GEE includes the Globetrot & Polyglot youtube and podcasting channels, GEE blog posts, other written publications, education conference presentations, and recommended reading.

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