Jamie Lee, CEO and Chief Globalizer

It was the year 2000, and I had my very first taste of an international trip…to Monterrey, Mexico.  We drove over the border from San Antonio, Texas to play softball against local women’s teams and share the gospel of Jesus.  Little did I know at the time, but it was going to be the kickoff of my international travel and study adventures.  Again in 2004, I made my way back overseas, this time to Honduras.  I raised money to travel there at the time, sequestering approximately $1000 from generous friends and family who validated my desire to serve, learn, and grow (Thanks, friends and family!).

Growing up, I had never known people who traveled or lived overseas for any period of time.  None of our friends and family engaged in extensive travel for recreation or for work, and I thought we were too “poor” to participate in this segment of society.  As I aged, I watched as “rich” people would travel to other nations, enjoying culture, language, and immersive experiences.  As I earned an entry-level teacher salary, I convinced myself that I would participate in a global lifestyle, saving money each month by eating rice and soy sauce and Mexican pan dulce as sustenance with the intention to travel for 4-6 weeks on another continent during summer.  I knew that I didn’t just want to sightsee because my heart yearned for a more meaningful expression of global engagement, so I planned a service project with a cooperative agency and enjoyed local exploration thereafter.

This love of global education and engagement only grew in fullness as I furthered my career as an education professional, teacher, and administrator across multiple cities and states.  I have traveled to over 30 countries, learning many relics of the progress public education is making in the remotest stretches of the globe.

I am grateful to bring a global perspective to my local context, my city, and my school.  My article about our school as a microcosm of the global marketplace was featured in Summer 2017 edition of Escondido Magazine.

escondido magazine
Microcosm of the Global Marketplace
By Jamie Lee

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