Global Classroom

We have partnered with other Global Classroom platforms in order to help connect you, your students, and your school to relevant content that is embedded with global connections, global competencies, which helps prepare students to have a mindset prepared for the 21st-century.

My Global Classroom, a partner organization of GEE, enables schools to connect to schools in other time zones, with different school cultures, and who speak different languages.  The vision of global partners is that every single public and private school is able to build a relationship with a school in another region of the world for the purpose of mutual learning for language acquisition and innovation.

Global partners are located on every continent on the planet with the exception of Antarctica.  Register your classroom by clicking on the GBL CLS icon visual above to go to the registration page.

To provide a simple way for students and teachers connect to, learn from, and learn with each other to improve their local and global communities.  Our goal is that every public high school in the United States will have two global partner high schools: one from higher socioeconomic and one from the low socioeconomic region around the world.

To make an appointment to speak to a My Global Classroom expert, make an appointment through clicking on this link:

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