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Global Consultants: Yongfei Zhao, Nefertiti Makeda, and Emon Reyes

Dr. Tadios Belay (Los Angeles, CA, United States and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) – Dr. Tadios Belay is an educator, community organizer, researcher and immigrants’ rights activist. Dr. Tadios has worked with BAJI, a US-based national non-profit organization and the UN Economic and Social Council as a Main Representative With the United Nation Economic Council and he has been actively engaged and working through the adoption process of Global Compact for Migration. Dr. Tadios received a Master of Laws from the University of San Francisco, School of Law where he was awarded merit and social justice scholarships and specialized in International Human Rights Law. Dr. Tadios also studied leadership and executive education at Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government and recently completed his doctoral degree at the University of Southern California (USC).

Drs. Jamie Lee and Dr. Tadios Belay after Tadios’ speaking engagement.

Dr. Jamie Lee (San Diego, CA, United States) – Jamie has been a passionate educator and leader in public education for nearly two decades.
Expertise: Organizational Leadership, Secondary Education, Language Pedagogy, Bilingualism and Multilingualism, Creativity and Innovation in Education Pedagogy, Equity, and Learning Differences and Diversity, Public and Private Partnerships

Dr. Nefertiti Makeda (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) – Nefertiti founded Andinet International School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which grew from two students to over 1400 students in under two decades.
Expertise: International Education, Organizational and School Leadership, Cambridge Curriculum

Dr. Charles Prince (Washington DC, United States) – Charles has thrived at Howard University and The University of East London and currently is positioned as the Executive Director of Student Success at Xavier University in New Orleans, LA.
Expertise: Higher Education Leadership, Diversity, and Retention

Dr. Emon Reyes (Manila, Philippines) – Emon is currently the president of one branch campus within Phinma Education Network in the Philippines.  He was trained as an engineer before making a financial and leadership career in secondary and post-secondary vocational education in the Philippines.
Expertise: Vocational Education and Organizational Leadership and Finance

Dr. Andrea Thomas (New York, NY, United States) – Andrea is a former Peace Corps volunteer, has traveled to over 35 countries, has lived in six countries, and speaks four languages. She is currently the Director of International Programs with focus on Diversity & Inclusion, Virtual Exchange & Global Community Engagement.
Expertise: International Higher Education, Global Partnerships, and Service Learning

Dr. Yongfei Zhao (Beijing, China) – Yongfei earned and possesses two doctorate degrees: One from the University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D.) and one from the University of Southern California (Ed.D.). Yongfei provides private consultation to secondary students in China who are pursuing their post-secondary education in the United States.
Expertise: Secondary to Higher Education Transition, International Students

Dr. Aerial Ellis (Nashville, TN, United States) – Aerial is a strategist and storyteller who became a sought-after thought leader for my ability to help organizations transform culture, improve diversity enhance communication, navigate change, build community, and drive innovation. 
Expertise: Strategic communication, Inter-generational leadership, diversity/inclusion, and cultural competency.

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