Our Services

Global Consultation for PK-12

If your school is looking for a strategic plan to improve 21st-Century learning in alignment with global goals and innovation, GEE can help.  With an expert group of experienced consultants, GEE can provide an in-depth analysis tailored to your organizational needs and in alignment with your goals.  GEE can evaluate existing models efficacy or provide a comprehensive plan for improved professional learning in a global context.

Global Consultation for Higher Education

Many colleges and universities strive to achieve accreditation and increased competitive advantage in a marketplace of post-secondary options.  GEE’s team of expert analysts and higher education professionals can provide thorough investigations and recommendations for moving your organization to high levels of organizational success.

Global Partnerships

GEE has worked relentlessly to offer you a wide range of global partners that will enhance your students’ learning experiences, expand your teachers’ professional growth, and bring your school into the 21st century.  With a thorough curriculum and in alignment with International Baccalaureate, Model United Nations, and UNESCO Education initiatives for global engagement, GEE brings depths and breadths of experience and expertise to your organization.

Health Care Education

Students are able to successfully engage in school and learning when they are healthy and happy.  With a comprehensive and culturally relevant perspective on promoting and sustaining healthy individual and collective habits, GEE is able to promote life-long learning for improved individuals, families, schools, and communities.  GEE strives to alleviate pervasive and broad suffering due to easily resolvable conditions.

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