Global California 2030

Since the passage of Proposition 58, California has been on the move regarding multilingualism, global citizenry, and 21st-century learning experiences. Proposition 58 converted to the Education for a Global Economy (EdGE) initiative, which enabled localities to decide the degree to which they would include instruction in students’ native languages, how and how many dual immersionContinue reading “Global California 2030”

Thanksgiving Epiphany

After we enjoyed a family day spending time together, eating good food, and playing with the kids, we voyaged to the notorious and ironic black Friday sales on Thursday night in the Chicago Outlets in Chicago’s southwest suburbs.  Besides the fact that nearly 95.5% of all people shopping spoke colloquial languages other than English withContinue reading “Thanksgiving Epiphany”

College or Career? No, and.

According to the US Census report, there are about to 16 million students enrolled in colleges across the United States.  This statistic has increased consistently throughout U.S. history as the perception of the value of a college education is golden, evidence of movement into the middle or upper-class sectors of society.  Parents want their children to outperformContinue reading “College or Career? No, and.”

Finnish Education Export

This concept of education export sounded strange to me upon first reading the term. The idea that intangible methodologies, personnel expertise, or curricular prowess could, in fact, be sold or traded across international boundaries was baffling. Marimekko? Nokia? Yes, these I have heard of as exports. But education? A week-long pursuit of all things FinnishContinue reading “Finnish Education Export”