Global California 2030

Since the passage of Proposition 58, California has been on the move regarding multilingualism, global citizenry, and 21st-century learning experiences. Proposition 58 converted to the Education for a Global Economy (EdGE) initiative, which enabled localities to decide the degree to which they would include instruction in students’ native languages, how and how many dual immersionContinue reading “Global California 2030”

Thanksgiving Epiphany

After we enjoyed a family day spending time together, eating good food, and playing with the kids, we voyaged to the notorious and ironic black Friday sales on Thursday night in the Chicago Outlets in Chicago’s southwest suburbs.  Besides the fact that nearly 95.5% of all people shopping spoke colloquial languages other than English withContinue reading “Thanksgiving Epiphany”

Global Summer Camp 2019

During the Summer of 2019, Global Ed Execs is planning to host a “Global Summer Camp,” wherein students explore globalization, global citizenship, the sustainable development goals (SDGs), international diplomacy, and international commerce.  The camp will consist of guest speakers, engaging curriculum, and field trips.  For more interest, email