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With experienced consultants, GEE aims to help support your educational community engage in meaningful global connections through consultation, experiences, and media. Preparing students for a global economy is essential, and we help bring global experiences to your local context.


What We Do

Global Consultants will assist you grow as an organization and global learning community.

Global Experiences will enable your students and teachers to connect to a world beyond their local community.

Global Media enables access to current research and topical and relevant resources.

The Evidence of our Work

Our global services will help you achieve your organizational goals.


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The Global Classroom

The global economy is only increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Students’ being able to navigate and collaborate across cultures and languages in all industries will help facilitate productive societies. Our web platform will enable students to collaborate without having to use fossil fuels to travel all over the globe. These partnerships can be fostered from local communities around the globe.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Role of Leadership”

Leadership for encouraging students to pursue advanced level coursework in Math and Science is critical.

National Math & Science Initiative

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Meaningful relationships”

Students’ favorite experience when visiting the U.S. from Japan was visiting other high school students.

Niigata Minami Super Science High School

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Critical partnerships”

Making the matriculation between high school and college smooth requires partnerships.

Palomar Community College

Read, Watch, and Listen

Our Globetrot and Polyglot Ponderings

  • Global California 2030
    Since the passage of Proposition 58, California has been on the move regarding multilingualism, global citizenry, and 21st-century learning experiences. Proposition 58 converted to the Education for a Global Economy (EdGE) initiative, which enabled localities to decide the degree toContinue reading “Global California 2030”
  • Ancestry Quest
    My husband recently purchased a DNA read from Ancestry.com because we thought it would be enlightening and comical to find out about my European genealogy, of which I was 99% certain I was majority German. Albeit to me to findContinue reading “Ancestry Quest”
  • Thanksgiving Epiphany
    After we enjoyed a family day spending time together, eating good food, and playing with the kids, we voyaged to the notorious and ironic black Friday sales on Thursday night in the Chicago Outlets in Chicago’s southwest suburbs.  Besides theContinue reading “Thanksgiving Epiphany”
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